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Grouse Shooting

Grouse Shooting Ref: B61
Grouse Shooting is both a practical guide to taking part in the pursuit of the red grouse and a celebration of the finest shooting to be found in the British Isles. The book looks at the development of grouse shooting and the natural history of the grouse, moorland management and the work of the grouse keeper as well as looking in depth at the three methods of grouse shooting - walked up, driven and shooting over dogs.

There is guidance on the choice of guns, ammunition, clothing and equipment. Fully illustrated with the author's photographs, this book will appeal not only to those fortunate enough to shoot grouse but also to moorland keepers, beaters and pickers-up and to anyone who loves those wide open hills and moors where the wild red grouse may still be found.

The Author

David Hudson is a writer and photographer specialising in field sports. He has written a number of successful books on shooting and gundogs for Swan Hill Press and writes regularly on field sports for the shooting press and writes regularly on field sports for the shooting press.


'A godsend. If you want to know more about the pinnacle of the UK's gameshooting, this book is for you. Roll on the Twelfth. Shooting Times

'From a detailed insight into the bird to the history of the sport, a definitive guide to the finest shooting in the British Isles and the prospects for the future of the sport, every aspect of grouse-shooting is covered. After reading this book, you'll be left wanting more moor.' The Field

'If ever a shooting book was epitomised by the photographs, then this is one. This is more than simply a book about shooting as between the lines you can find out all about the secret world of the keeper and the management of the grouse moors which is an art form in itself'. Highland News

'Grouse Shooting is a fine tome, covering the many facets of the most revered aspect of our sport. With a warm and clear writing style throughout, the author informs and amuses on everything from the development of grouse shooting to moorland management. The book itself is a practical guide to taking part in the pursuit of red grouse, as well as a celebration of the sport itself'. Shooting Gazette

'A rigorous examination of the most sought-after game bird in Britain, combining a detailed history of the grouse with a practical guide to shooting'. Country Life

Price:   £20.38 (Inc: VAT)


Rough Shooting

Rough Shooting Ref: B34
Mike Swan has written a book which is both a practical guide to sport with dog and gun and also a celebration of the simple pleasures of informal shooting. In an age dominated by the organised driven shoot, the author reminds us of the quality and variety of sport which can still be enjoyed by the sportsman and his dog. Rough Shooting is a clear and concise guide to all the principal sporting quarry species, to sporting guns and cartridges and to the choice and training of a gundog. Practical hints on shooting tactics are accompanied by helpful guidance on shoot management and habitat improvement for game and wildfowl.

The Author
Mike Swan is Head of Education at the Game Conservancy Trust. He has advised on conservation and shoot management as part of The Game Conservancy team since 1982. He has written widely for the sporting press and is a regular contributor to both Shooting Times and The Shooting Gazette

Binding: Hardback - 3rd Fdition
Extent: 246 x 189 mm, 189 pages
Illustrations: Black and white photographs 

Price:   £19.95


Running your own Shoot

Running your own Shoot Ref: B35
Running Your Own Shoot is essential for anyone who is contemplating setting up a private shoot. The creation of a shoot adds to the pleasure of shooting and brings it within reach of those without a fortune to spend on the sport.

In this book all aspects of shoot management are examined, from calculation of the realistic costs, finding suitable ground, organising a shooting syndicate to planning a shooting day. Other vital issues that are discussed are rearing and releasing game, vermin control and habitat management. The book makes you fully aware of the day to day hard work involved, but also highlights the satisfaction that can be gained from running your own shoot.

In this second edition, David Hudson has fully revised the text to take into account new regulations and practices. Running Your Own Shoot is an indispensable guide for anyone contemplating doing so.

The Author
David Hudson divides his time between writing and photography, keepering a pheasant shoot and a partridge shoot, and training working gundogs. In his spare time he shoots, stalks and fishes. He has written seven other books for Swan Hill Press: The Roughshooter's Handbook, The Shooting Man's Dog, The Working Labrador, The Small Shoot, Working Pointers and Setters, Pheasant Shooting and Gamekeeping.

'Running Your Own Shoot by David Hudson, is a comprehensive guide covering all you need to set up and run a small shoot, from finding land to running a shoot day.' Sporting Shooter

'David Hudson gives valuable insights into all aspects of shoot management.' NFU Magazine

'This is the second edition of David Hudson's classic, originally published in 1998, and, like a slowly sipped flask of sloe gin, it just keeps getting better' Shooting Times & Country Magazine

Binding: Hardback - 2nd Edition
Extent: 246 x 189 mm, 160 pages
Illustrations: Colour photographs and illustrations throughout 

Price:   £19.95


Pheasant Shooting

Pheasant Shooting Ref: B30
Pheasant Shooting is a comprehensive guide to the sport that covers all aspects from the formal driven shoot to the simplest of rough shoots. This book offers the readers straightforward, practical advice on the choices available to them including guns and ammunition, clothing, gundogs and the different types of shoot where they can take part. Rather than laying down hard and fast rules the author sets out the range of options available and then guides his readers so that they can make the right decisions for their particular needs.

The book is not just aimed at those who shoot pheasants, but includes sections on beating, picking up, game-keeping and shoot management as well as advice on shoot day etiquette, safety, dog-handling and accessories: both those you need and those you are best to avoid. The author paints a vivid picture of the joys of pheasant shooting illustrated with tales of his own experiences, both good and, at times, bad. Wry, humourous and sometimes outspoken, this is a book that will appeal to the experienced shot as well as to the complete novice.

The Author
David Hudson was born and raised in Suffolk but lived in various parts of the country before settling in
southern Scotland. David is a writer and photographer specialising in field sports and has written a number of books on shooting and gundogs as well as contributing regularly to the shooting press. He keepers a small pheasant shoot near his home, and is equally happy shooting, beating or picking up just as long as he can take part. Pheasant Shooting is his eighth country sports book.

Binding: Hardback
Extent: 246 x 189 mm, 192 pages
Illustrations: Colour photographs throughout 

Price:   £19.95


The Game Book

The Game Book Ref: B41
A Shooting Anthology
Almost half a million people in Britain enjoy shooting game or other live quarry and this book is aimed at the real enthusiast. Game shots, wildfowlers, decoyers, stalkers and rought shooters alike will find a wealth of 'entries' in The Game Book to fire their imagination and enhance their knowledge of their favourite sport.

Frederick Forsyth reveals why he prefers pigeon decoying, Max Hastings sings the praises of pheasant shooting, Jonathan Young of The Field puzzles over the trickiest shots imaginable, Will Garfit ends up in the hot seat on a partridge drive and Robin Scott of Sporting Gun relives his country past on a very special family shoot.

More than sixty contributors from shooting writers from all the leading shooting magazines to experts share their experiences from countless forays - from shooting grouse on the moors, ptarmigan on the tops, snipe in Ireland, woodcock in Norfolk and pinkfeet in Scotland to stalking red deer, fallow and roe wherever they roam.

Not since BB's classic, The Shooting Man's Bedside Book has there been a book that shooters will want to keep close to hand, a book they can dip into again and again for advice and interpretation, for reminders of past pleasure and a foretaste of those still to come.

Key Features
More than 60 contributors from the world of shooting from Max Hastings to Frederick Forsyth, from Jonathan Young the Editor of The Field to Barry Atkinson a beater.
A book to dip into again and again for advice and inspiration
A modern take on BB's classic The Shooting Man's Bedside Book

'Exquisite sketches add the finishing touches to a book that is worthy of a place in every shot's collection either fro handy hints or solace during the close season' The Field

''It is the ultimate book for dipping into and the real joy is that it covers a huge range of subjects, a lot of which you wouldn't normally read about, but nothing is too long to bore you while many will really wet your appetite' BASC Shooting & Conservation

'Reading The Game Book is like going around the whole country and gaining a better understanding of it' Rory Knight Bruce - Country Life

Author: Chris Catlin
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 234 x 156 mm, 256 pages
Illustrations: Line drawings throughout 

Price:   £19.95


The Pigeon Shooter

The Pigeon Shooter Ref: B14

A Complete Guide to Modern Pigeon Shooting. 2nd Edition

This new second edition in hardcover explains every aspect of pigeon shooting including field craft, reconnaissance, where to shoot and how to plan a day?s sport, with full information on the revolutionary Pigeon Magnet.

'There's almost nothing worth knowing about pigeon shooting that is not in here...' Shooting and Conservation

Author: John Batley
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 246 x 189mm, 140 pages
Illustrations: Black and white photographs 

Price:   £18.95


Mastering Skeet

Mastering Skeet Ref: B28

Sub Heading: Fundamental Shooting Techniques for Hitting the Target in Championship FormMastering

Mastering Skeet emphasises fundamental techniques that will greatly improve your precision and consistency. It addresses shooting methods and describes proper form, with notes on stance, posture and balance, gun mount, foot position and follow-through. Invaluable for the experienced shot looking for an extra edge or the beginner who wants to learn the basics of good technique.

Author: King Heiple
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 230 x 155m 192 pages
Illustrations: 50 Black & white photographs, 40 illustrations 

Price:   £14.95


The Great Shoots

The Great Shoots Ref: B27
2nd Edition Sub Heading: Britain's Best - Past and Present

A unique history of sporting literature; the first and only one ever to embark on a comprehensive survey of the gameshooting scene both as it was and as it stands today. In this new and revised edition the fascinating story is brought right up to date. Many of the shoots chosen are owned by the rich and famous, Brian Martin provides a rare insight into their social lives; providing fascinating comment on their own estates and on shooting generally.

Before detailing the history and present sport of each estate, region by region, the author sets the scene by outlining the history of gameshooting in Britain: the changing attitude of society; how economics have played an increasingly important part; how the popular press has perpetuated an often inaccurate image, how technical developments have shaped both gunmaking and game rearing; and much more. The inter-relationship between shooting and conservation, and the important contribution of the general welfare of our flora and fauna by the overwhelming majority of shoot proprieters, are given special attention.

This superb volume has become the established celebration of the gameshooting world today.

The Author

Brian P Martin is among Britain's most successful country and natural history writers. He has written over twenty-five books to date, including the bestselling Tales of the Old Gamekeeper. Brian has contributed to numerous magazines including his weekly column 'Rusticus' which ran in the Shooting Times and The Countryman.


"The Great Shoots is a new book from Quiller Publishing, offering a snapshot of the game shooting scene as it is today." Sporting Shooter

"While many of us will never have the chance to shoot on such great estates it is fascinating to read of the people who own them and how the shoots are run". Shooting Gazette

'As fascinating and comprehensive a study of the sport of shooting past and present as you're likely to find' Shooting Times & Country Magazine

'It's a great read, a fascinating and perceptive history of our sport, and the book is beautifully illustrated' BASC Shooting & Conservation

Author: Brian P Martin
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 246 x 189 mm, 288 pages
Illustrations: Colour photographs and illustrations 

Price:   £25.00


Shooting Top Tips

Shooting Top Tips Ref: B37
Anyone who shoots and shoots well knows they have some lessons, buy the gun, get the kit, train the dog, placate the wife but first buy this book. Shooting Top Tips contains everything anyone needs to know about shooting and each tip is wonderfully and ludicrously illustrated in Bryn Parry's modern guide to the noble sport. Regardless of whether the reader is a novice or an expert this book will become a favourite in every sporting household in the country.

Bryn Parry took up shooting in his thirties so knows exactly what it is like to commit a shooting faux pas. Bryn has shot the low bird, lost control of both his dog and his wife, locked his gun in his car, turned up at the wrong shoot and suffered the humiliation that comes with missing every bird and being told to 'just enjoy the day'.

In Shooting Top Tips Bryn takes over one hundred essential tips and illustrates them with his unique cartoons; they are hilarious but help to remind the reader of very genuine etiquette and safety points and so are a vital aide memoir for every gun, regardless of experience.

The Author
Bryn Parry has illustrated nine books including the best selling Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Horses for Courses, Sex in the Country and Dog Training with Mr Perks. His cartoons appear regularly in Shooting Gazette and he has been published in The Field, Horses & Hound, Horse magazine and The Shooting Times. Shooting Top Tips is a wonderful addition to the collection.

Key Features
Launched at this year's CLA Game Fair
Bryn Parry's ninth hilarious book
A shooting bible for any novice!
The perfect present for shooters, young and old

'The brilliant Bryn Parry has elaborated on a theme first conceivede in this magazine last September (with his Shoot Day guide) to produce both a guide to shooting and a genuinely funny book. Pure genius' Shooting Gazette

Binding: Hardback
Extent: 230 x 230 mm, 124 pages
Illustrations: Colour illustrations throughout 

Price:   £19.95


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