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NEW! Water Dummy 3 inch diameter

NEW! Water Dummy 3 inch diameter

Ref: SS/WD/3in

New 3 Inch Diameter - An Ideal dummy for training your dog in the water or on land. The 3inch Diameter water Dummy will stand upright on land and is a great multi-use dummy.

This dummy is available orange and white, has a strong nylon throwing cord, is made from a soft but strong and durable plastic material, has knobbles on for easy mouth grip and is air filled.
Unsinkable in normal use.

The New 3 inch Diameter Water Dummy combines the soft mouth features with the standard Water Dummy feel, resulting in a multi-feature product!

- Good Quality and Durable
- Throwing Rope attached
- Can be used both in water and on land
- Will stand upright on land
- Easy Grip for your dogs
- Diameter: 76mm (approx. 3 inches)
- Length: 290mm (approx. 11.5 inches)

Choice of Orange or White Colour

Choose Colour:

Price: 11.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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