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Dokken's Neoprene Gundog Training Vest

Dokken's Neoprene Gundog Training Vest


This Dokken's Super-vest X-Treme Neoprene Training Vest comes in Realtree Max-4 Camouflage and is renowned for it's superior quality and performance . The vest is durably made from Superstretch 3mm neoprene with heavy-duty nylon stitching and a closing zip with an extra wide velcro cover. The vest helps to keep your dog warm on those colder days whilst giving excellent protection in all training or working conditions on both land and water. Not only is the coat practical but it also looks fantastic and is very easy to take on and off. Dokken's Extreme Super Vest is available in 5 different sizes.

All sizes except XXL are in stock for immediate dispatch.


Small: neck 17" (A), chest 27" (B), stomach 24" (C)
Medium: neck 19" (A), chest 27" (B), stomach 24" (C)
Large: neck 21" (A), chest 30" (B), stomach 27" (C)
Extra Large: neck 22" (A), chest 32" (B), stomach 28" (C)
XXL: neck 25" (A), chest 34" (B), stomach 30" (C)

Price: 35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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