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Folding Seats

Gamebird Tripod Seat

Gamebird Tripod Seat

Ref: GB/TR25

The tripod seat can be used as a walking stick. It has an anodised aluminium frame and aluminium folding seat complete with padded leather cushion.

In the closed position, it measures 33½" from top to bottom.

When open for use, the seat is 19½" from the ground.

Weight: 1.4Kg

Used by many as another form of shooting stick or seat stick.

Price: 57.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Gamebird Tripod Stool

Gamebird Tripod Stool

Ref: GB/TR1

The tripod stool is a highly versatile and comfortable seat. Quick and easy to open and close. Sturdy aluminium frame. High quality leather seat. Fitted with adjustable carry strap.

Stool Weighs only 0.78 kg

Maximum Seat Load 100 kg.

Measures 27½" (70cm) when folded.

Tripod stool seat height 22½" (57cm) from ground when in use.

Price: 53.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Countryman Stable Folding Seat

Countryman Stable Folding Seat

Ref: R/FS

The Countryman Folding four legged Seat-Stick is suitable for people who want to sit for a longer period of time, or require greater stability than the traditional Shooting-Stick.

The seat is easy to use as a walking stick and provides a comfortable canvas seat when opened. Ideal for use around town when shopping or waiting for the bus and is a valuable aid for those who need to take a rest from walking or standing. The two handled design offers the user support, if needed, when sitting down or getting up.

Light in weight, approximately 1kg. Maximum user weight is 125kg.

Available in two heights, 20 or 23 inches.


Price: 45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Tripod Folding Seat

Tripod Folding Seat

Ref: FS1

Strong glass nylon seat on polished aluminium frame. Covered handle for improved grip in cold, wet conditions.

Seat Height: 18"
Walking Height: 33"
Weight Approx: 750g
Max User Weight: 125kg.

Price: 45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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